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Google I/O 2011

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Remember to watch the Live-Stream from the Google I/O in Moscone Center, San Francisco, USA. 

The event is running, May 10-11, 2011. 

Information, Live-Stream, etc.: 

I think the biggest and most interesting annoncement this year, is the Google Chromebook, which is a computer running the Google Chrome OS. 
Chrome OS is a operating-system (OS), which is fully running in The Cloud. 
That means, that the only thing the computer will boot-up and show when you turn on your computer is a web-browser. 
All the applications is running through The Cloud (internet), both your E-Mail, Documents, Calendars, and everything else. 

However Google is launching a offline version of their Gmail, Docs, Calendar, etc. very soon. 

One of the smart things, about having all your things in the Cloud, is that although you drop your Chromebook in a river or something else happens, you’re data, files, etc. is always secure in the Cloud, and you can access your data from anywhere at anytime, no matter what happens! 

That makes the computer much faster to boot-up, and you’ll be ready and online in about no time! 

The Chromebook will launch at June 15th, 2011, in seven selected countries, including: United States, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, and United Kingdom. 
But the Chromebook will launch in other countries, soon. 

If you can’t wait to try it out, or you just want a new and better web-browser, then try out the Google Chrome browser: 

Google Chrome have tons of “apps” for the Google Chrome browser in the Chrome Webshop, there are both Cloud-based and non-Cloud applications, for you to download and install directly into your Chromebook or Chrome browser: 

I’m currently using the Google Chrome web-browser, and I really Love it! 
I also Love to browse the Chrome Webshop, and discover new great online internet, and offline applications, to try out! 

I’ll surely buy a Chromebook, when it hits the market here in Denmark. 
I just can’t wait! :-) 

There are also tons of other annoncements, shows, etc. on the Google I/O, including Android, Docs, Gmail and so on, so keep up-to-date and watch the Live-Stream! 

What do you think about the annoncements on the Google I/O this year? 
Will you use a Cloud-based computer, incl. a Chromebook from Google, in the future? 
Post anything you’d like to discuss, about the Google I/O 2011!

C SEED - The world’s largest outdoor LED-TV
Design by: Porsche Design Studio

They are only producing 50 of the “C SEED 201” per year, for the price of 5.000.000 DKK (952 270 USD).

The 2011 and 2012 production is already near sold-out!

So, if you’re rich, and want to make your garden High-Tech, then you have to be fast!

Watch this movie of the product in action.



Bet you can’t do this on your Etch A Sketch.

Video by artist Bryan Lee Madden

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